Crispin & Co is about simple and minimal design, that is free of clutter but it also useful and practical.

Inspired by minimalism, Crispin & Co started with designing planner inserts for daily, weekly and monthly planning, and trackers for reading and habits.

Now it has expanded into handsewn notebooks and colouring sheets for adults with new products on their way.


Use our daily, weekly planner inserts or our monthly calendar to plan out your days. Write down important dates, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, kid’s after school activities and which day the bins need to be emptied. Customise our planners to fit your needs.


Keep track of new habits you want to implement into your life with our habit tracker, or track what food you’re eating with out meal planner/ tracker. If you’re a student, use our reading list to remember books and our weekly timetable to keep track of classes and study sessions. Customise our trackers to fit your needs.


After a busy and potentially stressful day, relax and unwind with our geometric and abstract colouring sheets.


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