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Here you will find a list of links, books, documentaries and organisations that can help you in your journey cutting your carbon footprint and living more eco-friendly and sustainably.



Greenpeace is a well known environmental NGO. The first action that Greenpeace took was in 1971, protesting uclear weapons off an island off the coast of Alaska. Since then, Greenpeace continues to campaign environmental protection. In addition, Greenpeace researches things plike plastic pollution and agriculture practices. Furthermore, Greenpeace aims to educate humans using this research.

Sustainability Development Goals

The Sustainability Development Goals are seventeen goals set in 2015 by the UN Gneral Assembly. The goals include eliminating poverty, improving access to healthcare, improving access to education, gender equality and climate action. The Sustainability Development Goals were created as a blueprint for a more sustainable future in the hope that they will be achieved by 2030.


My Green Closet

My Green Closet is one of the best resources for conscious fashion. Through YouTube and the blog, Erin at My Green Closet uses them to explain fashions impact on the environment. My Green Closet also shows how to create a sustainable capsule wardrobe.

Ethical Unicorn

Ethical Unicorn is run by writer and artists Francesca Willow. Focusing on sustainability and social justice, Ethical Unicorn covers everything from conscious fashion, how to support Big Issue vendors and how to cope with eco-anxiety.


How to Give Up Plastic by Will McCallum

Written by Will McCallum who works at Greenpeace UK, the book is filled interesting facts and tips to help readers switch from single-use plastic to more sustainable options.


The True Cost

The True Cost is a documentary on Netflix. The documentary explores what the true cost of the fashion industry is on the environment and the people who work in the industry. Additionally, the documentary also explores consumerism, mass media and capitalism.

Blue Planet

The Blue Planet series is on the main things that inpsired and motivated many to reduce their plastic consumption. Blue Planet is a good way to remind ourslves why we have deicded to make these changes.


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